Saturday, August 7, 2010

Go Down Swinging

I'm going to keep with my "they're already dead" theme. Why? Because it works. The Sox know if I am not giving them all my love and support that they need to kick some ass to get me back on their side. (If only my opinion mattered that much).

Right now you can't think of standings you just have to think of handing out as many taints as the schedule will allow for. Last night was a good start. Go into NY, have one of the young guys go bridge (hopefully something Kalish makes a habit of), have Ortiz go bridge and let the best pitcher on the team right now keep the bad guys in check for 8 innings.

It's a good start which could lead to a great series so now we look to the new guy to keep the mojo flowing. Seems that Lackey has had some pretty important starts with regards to 'keeping the mojo flowing' this year but now is the time to bring it. Personally, I'd like to see some angry Lackey. Preferably the good "pissed off f*ck you while I take your mother out to a steak dinner" angry, but if things go south I'd like to see him blow off some steam and show the rest of the team that there is in fact something going on here worth caring about. Mr. Lackey, the Goonies are waiting on One-Eyed Willie's ship. Please go help them.

Oh, that image up there, that's the good luck picture for the week. Arod is going to be looking for some man ass to comfort him after this weekend of beatings.

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