Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tonight is the Night

The Sox look like sh*t. 100% grade-A B.S. I know this next statement isn't accurate; but the entire season relies on the right arm of John Lackey tonight. Yes, the season. After sliding like they have slid over the last two weeks they need something to stop this crapfest of constant beatings and while they have Lester out there tomorrow, they need someone else to sack up here and be a stopper right here right now. As in tonight. Hence the season riding on how John Lackey pitches. Tonight.

Now I know everyone has been on the Lackey Hate-Bus since he got here because he hasn't been dominating like a guy they're paying $19M a year should be, but even Beckett had an off year in 2006 when he first got here. Then Becks kicked some serious ass in 2007, his second year, so maybe Lackey turns it around early. Early like tonight. Send the guy some mojo, and maybe an iced coffee because it's hot as hell out there.

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