Saturday, June 12, 2010

HEY! We're alive!

Barely. Sometimes work is a bitch. Alright, work is always a bitch. We send out our deepest sorrows that we were not able to uphold our posting promises this week as Steve and I have both been held hostage at our respective places of employment. We did however round up the wives and successfully book a trip to Colorado to see The Sox take on the Rox in what is hopefully a replay of 2007.

As for those pesky Sox bastards they seem to be keeping up the "Doing well" and "Sucking something awful" every other game routine that we've started to become accustomed to. The Indians are just a miserable team but they somehow managed to sneak (11-0 is a sneak right?) a few games out of them this week. Now we move on to the worst time of the year besides the day before and after the All-Star Break: Interleague play. Granted The Sox have had some good years against the AL Jr. teams, but I still don't like it. Some pitcher is going to get injured while hitting or running the bases and that's all we'll hear about for weeks to come. They started out on a good foot by punishing Old Man Moyer. 1 down, only like 18 more or something? What a way to ruin June.

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BBG said...

I totally agree....who likes to watch pitchers hit?? In most cases, it's an easy out....reediculous. Although it will be interesting to see Manny back at Fenway!