Friday, June 4, 2010

All that for nothing

18 hits and no win? What the hell is that all about? If we had a personal stat boy here at The Cheese I'd ask him to put down the container of peanut butter Cool Whip he was so gently caressing and check out when was the last time a team got 18 hits and still lost the game. Chances are it was last year or something and it's a very common occurrence, but it doesn't seem like it should be. 18 knocks is a lot and deserves a W. Kind of like blackjack if you take enough cards you should be handed a win, same in baseball. If you can average 2 hits per inning you should win. Someone get Selig on the phone. Stat boy!!!

One quick question I was pondering yesterday as my Yahoo! scoreboard kept telling me that Wake was inching closer and closer to that magic 9.00 ERA: Why did they sign this guy to a two year contract this time around instead of just constantly updating his 1 year handshake deal? I know he had quite the magic start to last season, but after that he did some time on the DL and then got knocked around pretty good. I know he's done what has been asked of him for the last 75 years here in Boston, but it doesn't mean I really want to watch him struggle through this deal here.

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