Friday, May 7, 2010

You can thank me for the reverse jinx

That's right, last night I took the actually time to display my feelings on one Daisuke Matzusaka, and right after I'm done laying my love on the line in convenient internet form, what happens? The dude turns it around, the offense turns it on and The Sox end up finishing the schweep of the DBs (DoucheBags) that knocked them around and down in October last year.

After what, 3 full years now, I guess this is what we're going to get from the Dice: 5-6 innings, 3 or 4 runs, some walks, zero emtion shown (less than JD Drew possibly?) and a crapload of money spent on a guy that is usually mid-shower by the 7th inning. You know what though, for this team, for this year, he fits. This team is such a strange combination of defensive role players and mis-matched fading stars that Daisuke can kind of just sneak in under the Ortiz/Lowell radar, make us forget that Mike Cameron is supposed to be the starting center fielder, cover up the pain of the recent influx of Bill Hall in all our lives, and if he does all that and comes away with a win, well then all is ok in The Nation.

And now, spoken in the voice of the announcer from Wonderland Dog Park (RIP), "Here commmmmmmes The Yankees". If you've never wandered through Wonderland with a leaky flask of Jack Daniels in your coat pocket while sifting through old Trifecta tickets, brother, you've never lived.

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