Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother F*cker, Daisuke

1 inning in, that's just three outs (3, if seeing the number helps at all) and Daisuke has given up 3 (three, in word form) walks, 4 (four, not like the golf fore, but the number) earned runs and 2 hits. To make things better on a team wide scale, the Angels stole 3 bases off the Dice/Martinez connection... in the first inning. Yes it's only the end of the 1st but this is not the way the 4th game of a schweep should start. Maybe I jinxed it by calling it a "schweep". I am sorry.

Oh yeah, Doug Meintcheizbve8wz signed a minor league deal with the Marlins today. I feel bad for the person that has to make his jersey. How many "Q"s are in Mientcqhezbvdfvq&5siz? Oh. two.

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