Saturday, May 22, 2010

We're up, we're down then we're down.

I didn't watch the entire game last night but by the end of the series I can see Remy really ripping Citizens Bank Park apart because of its, umm, interesting choice in size. There's no doubt that the lines are short, the fences are short, and besides The New Yankee Stadium, it was home to the most bridge shots last year. Obviously the sizes work against the home team too, but me thinks we'll hear Rems give his $0.02 on the park sooner rather than later, especially if The Phils hit some 258 foot liners that find a way to clear a wall.

As for the game down in cheese-steak-ville? I think we all felt the electricity in the 9th. Bases loaded, 2 outs, Ortiz stepping to the plate. Well, as hot as the big fella has been lately, the alluring smell of thinly sliced beef and gooey cheese must have been too much for Ortiz to over come.

Sorry, what would a game in Philly be without THE commercial.

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