Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daisuke + Tek = Good

It's that simple. Put Captain Quads behind the plate with Dice-K on the hill and you've got yourself some pitching. I'm not saying it's V-mart's fault that Beckett and Daisuke do better with Tek behind the plate, but, well, they do. I don't even know how to describe the mo-ey mojo that Daisuke had working last night. 24 outs, no hits. It was special. The best part of a near no-no is listening to the announcers (I was radio-ing it last night) try to avoid jinxing it by saying "no-hitter". Joe C. did a good job, using just about every work around he could think of. I approve.

Wake goes for 2 out of 3 vs a team that is a lot better than The Red Sox. I'll take 2 out of 3 in Philly, especially with 3 against The Rays coming up. I don't know, I think Shakey Wakey is gonna bring it today.

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