Saturday, May 15, 2010

One More Thing Out of the Way

For all intents and purposes, hockey ended last night for 100% of Red Sox Nation. Sure there's the 1% that follow some non-local team but we don't really recognize them as "people". Just one more distraction out of the way before we give all our attention to the Red Sox. Right now The Red Sox are the red headed step child. You know, the one that gets beat and wedgied all day long by everyone. They are playing 2nd fiddle right now to the Celtics but at least they are no longer playing 3rd fiddle. I think that's how fiddles work, I'm not much of a fiddler.

Think of it though. It's genius. Why play well when no one is watching? Who are you going to impress? Die hards that have some sick gene already programmed into this sick heads who watch no matter what anyways? Who cares about them/us? We'll be there tomorrow no matter what. Maybe it could be that the Red Sox are just being team players? They've stolen a lot of the attention over the last 7 or 8 years and they are finally sharing the spot light. Considerate and smart? Could it be? Or maybe being considerate and smart is their downfall. Just like so many other guys that are "smart and nice". The girls don't go for the smart and nice guys because they usually have an unusual amount of body hair... or some obsession with defensive sabermetrics. Sound familiar? You know who isn't nice, or smart? The Yankees. They're dumb hardasses. Even dumber and harderassed? The Rays, because they're that much younger than the Yankees AND they're good looking. Triple threat.

What we have here is your common case of nice guys finishing last. What we'd like to avoid: Finishing last.

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