Sunday, May 16, 2010

4th Place

That's right. In case you weren't watching closely enough, The Sox aren't just playing catchup on the Yanks and Rays. They currently occupy 4th place in the AL East behind the Toronto Blue Jays as well. Yes, they currently rank behind Canada when it comes to baseball playing ability. 37 games down, or just over 20% of the season, and we're still waiting for these guys to hit their stride. How long is this going to take?

Watching Ram-Ram walk in the winning run in extra innings is one of those "last stand" things. It's also one of those "throw up the cookout food you attended earlier in the day" things because at one point The Sox were up by 5 runs AND were issued 12 walks in the game. I know. 12. Sure they scored 6 runs, but they were handed twelve frigging free bases!?! Speechless.

Almost speechless. Go Celts!

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