Friday, May 28, 2010

My Definition of WHIP

I'm about to get all statty on yo' asses.

WHIP = Walks+Hits per Innings Pitched. Easy enough, right?

However, with Daisuke on the mound, every other time out (or every time it's more than 74 degrees out with a relative humidity below 76% and there are exactly 157 people in the crowd named "Bob") he'll put up one of these "stinkers" that we're now accustomed to seeing. When he does pull this sh*t, he creates a new acronym for WHIP.

WHIP = Why the Hell Is (Daisuke) Pitching. 8 walks? Really? Against the Royals? Since the 1980's they are one of the least intimidating offensive teams in the entire MLB and Daisuke chose to walk these guys left and right.

There's nothing worse than a rally killer and while Daisuke was a big part of the rally starting last week, last night was just total BS. Sure it's annoying when Beckett has his ups and downs, and watching Lester struggle through April isn't the easiest thing to swallow, but watching Daisuke throw a game like that last night blows those other things out of the water. I don't really expect more out of him, but I'm pretty sure if you looked at a clip from him during his almost no-hitter and then one from last night, you wouldn't know which one was which. The guy hasn't shown an emotion since he got here so you almost figure he's OK with sucking so bad. I'm not OK with it. Me. The important guy. Take note.

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