Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jon Lester Makes Things Better

Really. He does. This makes two straight taint handings that Lester has handed out to the opposition handily. Lots of hands working on the side of Lester here in case you didn't know.

It appears that these Red Sox are going to be the off/on/off/off/on team that will single handedly (more hands) give half the Nation simultaneous heart attacks some time in the next 4 months. In one hand (no clue where this hand sh*t is coming from) it makes the team seem more exciting, but on the other (you know) it's really kind of aggravating to not know what the hell is going to happen night to night.

Tonight Lackey faces his old team of marble mouthed mumblers for the first time since he brought his marbles to Boston. The Sox have already cleared the air about the Angels coming back into Boston on the same high they left last year but standing wise it'd be well advised if they got up to that .500 mark and stayed up there for more than 18 hours.

Oh yeah, that's Mike Scioscia winning the lottery. Pretty excited, isn't he?

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