Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Pitch, Therefore, I AM

That is an EXACT quote from Jon Lester. Fine. Maybe it's not. But maybe if Lester would show his deep, intellectual side, along with his taint handing pitching/ass kicking side, then it would inspire some others on the team to show their philosophical sides a bit more. I for one would love to know Pedroia's take on the matter of being.

If I am, a laser show, then the laser show is really me. And THAT, is, what I am.

Or how about Wake's thoughts on consciousness?

Is my dreaming life a reality, or am I really dreaming? Does my knuckler float in the air, or is my knuckler the only thing not moving?

Or Youk's explanation of sex vs love?

I love it. Sex that is. Love the sh*t. But, I don't sex the love. You know what I'm saying?

I know exactly what you're saying, Kevin. Exactly.

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