Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well Color Me Surprised

I'm not exactly sure what color I would be, but it would be the one that has me doing a double take when I woke up this morning and saw the final score. After the marathon by the Rangers on the base paths last night I turned the game off mid 7th only to miss the new Big Mac finally give a Sox fan at Fenway something to cheer about besides the new ball girl. I hear she's hot.

From what I watched, the Sox didn't deserve to win that game. Unless some unknown dynamic changed in the last 45 minutes of the game, that win was swiped out from under the nose of Nolan Ryan himself and I'm sure he wanted to give the "Ventura" to our new hero, Darnell Mcdonald. I'll take a win, especially with Ortiz and Drew still having a limbo contest with their batting averages and the law firm of Wakefield/Martinez letting everyone walk all over the place.

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BBG said...

Any win the Red Sox get right now is well deserved. Have to keep the morale up, ya know....bring on the rookies!! It's the march of the rookies!!