Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello. Please have a seat.

Good morning/night/afternoon ladies and/or gentlemen. This is the voice of reason talking. People are saying things right now, nasty things, about your beloved Red Sox. They are complaining about runs not being scored, extra runs being allowed, lineups being thinner than tissue paper and the call for various heads to roll. I am just here to tell you that all these things, these nasty things, they are mother f*cking true and you know it!!!

The run prevention thing, turns out all the off season moves, they are working! They are all preventing the Sox from scoring runs. Theo you crafty devil, you've done it again. All those numbers you crunched are turning up roses.

The next coming of "The Big 3", the rotation to put all others to shame, they've been put to shame.*

After the first 4 batters (in the ideal lineup, Ells, Pedroia, Vmart and Youk) those other 5 are looking worse than we ever thought, and that's pretty effin' bad. Drew and Ortiz with a 31:11 strikeout to hit ratio, well that's just friggin' peachy.

It's early. I'm not really panicking. Things need to get into the month of May and double digits before I officially start to light certain ceremonial candles to ward of the proper bad spirits.

*I do think the rotation will come around. This I am not worried about.**
**I'm kidding. Everything worries me right now.

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