Friday, March 5, 2010

Sticking with the Prince Fielder theme

The guy is creative. The "bomb" thing. Awesome. Now that he's been hit because of the celebration I can only imagine that makes a guy like him want to hit a walk off even more and do an even awesomer dance party at the plate. Prince, we've got a few ideas for you.
  • Shoot em down - Not a knock at Gilbert Arenas, but how about you get to the plate, pull out the guns and start laying fools down.
  • Hamburglar - Hey, Prince is fat. Phat too, but for all intents and purposes, fat right now. Cross the plate, put on the eye mask and down a few burgers. Hmm. That sounded better in my head.
  • Strike - Work with the bomb thing except have the guys at the plate line up like bowling pins, and this is where it gets tough, Prince has to somersault across the plate and knock everyone down.
What say you, Bud? Can we expect another "all star game" face out of you if Prince hurls himself in a ball across the plate into his teammates?

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