Monday, March 22, 2010

Say it ain't so Sideburns

Joe Mauer did the unthinkable for a lot of money hungry (and catcher envious) teams out there and signed a monster 8 year deal with his home town Twins for $184 Million. He was supposed to be "the guy" in next years class of free agents. It was going to be another Sox/Yanks battle over who could pony up more cash, but now it will never be because side burns is staying put.

From a feel good perspective it's really cool to see a guy stay on the team where he came up through in the state he calls home. No doubt that Minnesota fans are getting their jollies off in one of their 10 thousand lakes: New stadium, big name home town guy, what could be better? I'll tell you what could be better. If you jerks in Minnesota let him walk so he'd march into Boston next year in a Sox uniform. I guess after Johan and Torii (two "i"s, how stupid) you guys can have one of em. Live it up mutton chops, we'll see ya in October.


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Jon said...

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Dan said...

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