Sunday, February 14, 2010

My favorite Sox Valentine day moments

Just because baseball isn't officially played during February you'd probably think that there are no Sox moments from the Big V day? Well, you'd be right. So as we approach the start of spring training with rumors of certain players showing up early, what link can we make between the Sox and love?
  • The love between Youk and a pulled pork sandwich. I'd hate to see the guy pork-less. The rampage he would go on if someone took his BBQ deliciousness would produce the first typhoon-icane-quake to hit the east coast since Bon Jovi and Springsteen both played in New Jersey in the same night.
  • Tito loving Pedroia. The daily cribbage games? The longing looks across the dugout? The positive comments and oily back rubs that happen on what now seems like a constant basis? Teets misses playing the game and is re-living his youth through Dustin... in every way possible.
  • My love of Jon Lester. The very first post we did here at the Cheese was last year and it was about Les and since then the guy keeps solidifying why we all love him so much. I feel that sometimes with Beckett and now Lackey on the team that Les kind of gets forgotten about in that 3rd slot, but truth be told the things he's done so far for this team and the things he's shown he can do, well I'm looking forward to my man-crush on him for many years to come.
Sox love. It's a dangerous thing.

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Sports Chump said...

Let's just say last night's Dunk contests was NOT one of my favorite Valentine's Day moments.

Come trash the contest with me.