Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things Jon Lester has kicked in the nuts

  1. Cancer - It's hard to imagine that less than 4 years ago the guy was going through some things that we all hope we never have to deal with. 32 wins, 1 WS ring and a no-hitter later he is painting with some serious cheddar.
  2. The Royals - May 19, 2008. Tito cried, Les cried, it was a bunch of tough guys all breaking down for the sake of the moment.
  3. Almost the Rangers last night. Without checking the stats, the Rangers like to hit. Who knew Nolan knew about hitting? Last night though was not the case.
  4. I'm guessing a lot of other things including, but not limited to; the guy at Dunks that put extra cream in his coffee (the dude threw a no-no AND had cancer, give him a fucking break you jerk), French people in general and Micheal Young for last night, which I'm sure he's already done.

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