Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You go there! You, over there! Yes, right there!!

We (The Cheese) have been screaming for trades and action and movement all winter and now all of a sudden it's dropped on us like a Prince Fielder Bomb. First there were all these rumors ::gasp:: that Adrian ::double gasp:: Beltre ::ungasp:: was making his way to Boston. All which appear to be true now. Then today there are more rumors (rumor-gasm) that Casey Kotchman is heading to Seattle for a prospect to come back this way. So many moves, so little time. So much awesomeness.

Lately the theme around Yawkey Way has been "How to F*ck over Mike Lowell" and while the Beltre move follows the theme like a well written Back to the Future musical (if there isn't one there should be) the Kotchman ditch doesn't. Assuming they get a prospect that goes to the minors, Lowell becomes the back up 1B/3B/DH who could definitely see a fair share ABs assuming his hip/thumb/murderous rage doesn't get in the way. Usually you don't want to pay $12 Million for a utility/backup guy though, sooooo I'm guessing there's still something else in the works that may have us saying our final good-byes to Mikey.

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