Friday, January 1, 2010

Year of The Cheese

First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone! I can only hope you all had a great new years eve and if you're the guy that was with Ms. Heidi Watney as the clock struck midnight, well then sir you may be having the best new year of us all so far. Hopefully everyone was safe and the worst thing that took place was some drunk sledding and maybe a few rounds of snowballs aimed at that jerk wearing a Yankees hat at the bar. Yeah, you buddy!

Now, on to more important things. 2010 will be the first full year of The Cheese and we're pretty effin' excited. We started this thing with the thought that as long as one person wanted to read what we are putting down then we'll keep doing it and we plan on doing for a while. Hmm, that sounded a little straighter in my head. Regardless, we do have some sweet stuff up our sleeves for 2010 and we can only hope Theo and Co. do too. Stay tuned, try out the comment section, send us an email, join our group on Facebook, just kick up your feet and stay a while. We're happy to have you here and we'll be talking to you real soon now, ya' hear?

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