Sunday, January 10, 2010

What was that?

Bill? Tom? Randy? Anyone? That was a good old fashioned taint-handing, except this time the Patriots weren't doing the handing. Or maybe they were? Not sure which way the taint gets passed in this case. Anyways, the Pats got their butts kicked. Big time. In every way possible. For example, the first play from scrimmage. For more examples, all those crappy passes that Brady threw... to the other team. Or how about the fact that Joe Flacco only threw the ball 10 times??!?! TEN! The run was coming, the Pats just couldn't stop it to save their lives.

So, it's an early exit for the Pats which means after 2 or 3 days of pure Pat-bashing on the radio and everywhere else we can all move directly into full on Red Sox action. Patriots = winter and Red Sox = summer, and I'm all about the summer getting here ASAP, so everything is working itself out just fine in my book.

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BBG said...

Patriots will regroup, reteam, relearn & return....what choice do they have?