Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Name the Baby

No, not an actual baby, but that guy. Big Baby Davis wants to shed his baby image so we need some ideas for a new nickname. Since my creative juices aren't exactly flowing this morning, leave your idea in the comment section.

Slightly above average sized for a basketball player and childlike Davis?
Rotund Glen?
Pants on the Ground Davis?
Pudgy KG Davis?

By the way is it just me, or is that picture creepy as hell?

Glen: Sure, I'll lay down for you photo taking man. Let me just kick my heels up annnnnnd here's my smile!
Photographer: Wow, we just wanted a picture of you with the trophy. I'm not going to be able to sleep for weeks now.


BBG said...

Glen "in touch with my softer side" Davis

Educated Steve said...

haha. just think about the awkward struggle it was to get the trophy out of his hands after that shoot.