Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Breakfast + dinner = Brinner. Or Breakfast for dinner, same thing really. Regardless, it's a delicious meal that works itself into the 6 o'clock hour at night but makes it feel like you just woke up. If you haven't had brinner before I suggest you try it ASAP. Go for the french toast and sausages and if you're feeling crazy throw some of that hash potato on there too. You will not be sorry.

On to more important things besides brinner. Actually, right now there is nothing more important than brinner because The Red Sox have officially put the off-season into "snooze mode". Someone, start a rumor. Anything. Make it about me. I don't care. I just need something.

*Note, I wrote this before the Beltre news broke. I still stand by my comments and can only assume they instantly lit a fire under Theo's ass and got this move done.


BBG said...

Hey, I heard The Cheese has been named the official blog for the Red Sox! And you know with that comes fame and fortune...(but stay clear of Heidi)...just thought of something...where's my t-shirt...

Jon said...

Getting those t-shirts printed up is my #1 new years resolution. Well, that and the whole Heidi thing.