Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So, Mike Cameron?

First glance I found that cool picture of him and just kind of went by "The name" and figured all was good with the deal but now looking deeper into the stats it's more of a toss up.

First off, it's great that he's a member of the Gold Glove club, but you don't exactly have to be a fielding whiz to play LF in Fenway. See Ramirez, Manny. In the case that the ball does get over your head in LF there's that giant wall about 10 feet behind you and if the ball goes over that, well chances are you weren't going to catch it in the first place. In places Cameron has played, the vast wilderness of pitchers parks like Safeco and Petco and CoCo, his range and OF value may have come in to play, but like I said, that's kind of a wash in Fenway.

For some more positives than just his fielding, fangraphs make some interesting points here in Bay vs Cameron. In a nutshell, Cameron isn't quite as bad as everyone is making him out to be and they even go as far as saying this:

In reality, the odds are pretty good that Cameron is going to outperform Bay next season, just as he’s done in most every season recently, and he’s going to do it for far less money.

Well shiver me timbers, Fangraphs.

Then there's the glaring negatives that people are going to recite/yell at you next time you talk Sox shop and they pretty much all revolve around his strike out rate, his career strike outs and his striking outness. Long story short, he is going to swing and miss quite a lot, so we might as well get used to it now.

So what can we expect in LF this year? Ah, who the hell knows.

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