Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good-Bye Jason. No thanks Matt. Hello Mike and John

We saw The Yankees make a move to get Granderson. Halladay is now in the NL and Cliff Lee back in the AL. Bay rejected Boston's offer. Holliday is asking for silly money. What is a Nation to do? How about a whole sh*t load of signings in the matter of 12 hours. Unofficial word is Mike Cameron is the newest member of the Sox, which makes John Lackey's 2 hours and 35 minutes of "new guy hazing" the shortest of any player to date. Word has it Pedroia didn't even have the chance to try and give him a wet willy.

Looks like Cameron, 37 years old when the season starts, will take over the void in left field left by the man we shall now refer to as "The Picky Canadian". It would be insanely optimistic to say Cameron's best days aren't behind him, but hell there's action in Boston and I'm not going to go around ruining it. Cameron's UZR rating falls in the top 12 or so in the entire league, so playing left with that giant green thing behind him we should all be able to expect some solid D.

More to come today? More presents to open?

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