Wednesday, December 30, 2009

See my options!!

Fact: I will sneak a Simpsons reference in where, and when, ever I can not only Cheese wise, but also in life in general. Now that's cleared up.

Bay more or less painted himself into a corner when he turned down the Sox 4 yr/$60M offer because then every other team knew he wanted either more money or more years.
When apparently no one else was clamoring for Whitey's services, The Mets came in and upped the Sox offer by $1.5M a year and a very Mr. Burns-esque "Vesting" option for a 5th year. While I doubt Omar Minaya opened up his closet and said "Gorilla Chest" or "Gopher Loafer", he did chose to throw some serious cash at a new hitter for their brand new pitcher's park. Speaking in strictly other baseball teams now, this leaves Matt Holliday and super-devil-agent Scott Boras just kind of waiting for someone to low-ball them. Please, someone low-ball Boras. St. Louis, this is to you: Low. Ball. Thank you.

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