Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peace out Jay-Bay... again

All signs are pointing to the Great White Hype signing with The Mets pending a physical. Of course this physical is thought to be more routine than the Mike Lowell probing so there's much less chance of Bay ending up back with the Sox due to a cranky digit. Besides a lot of maple syrup, Bay leaves behind a team that still looks one deal away from being ready for 2010 competition and this signing just kind of solidifies that the OF will definitely be sub-par at best. I guess sub-par might not be the correct word. How about sub-exciting? 2010 Red Sox: Not quite as exciting as last year, but much less Canadian.

Also, this totally effs up my Jason Bay Canadian Maple Syrup/Tasty Suntan Lotion post I was going to make. What a waste of pancake topping.

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