Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mr. Lowell, how nice to see you again

Guys like Mike Lowell don't just give up. Even when you do everything you can to throw his ass out the door, guys like him don't just go because you said so. So it's really no surprise that fate has kept Mikey in Boston for the time being. If the bum hip wasn't enough to scare Texas off, apparently the messed up thumb was where they drew the line because Lowell is going under the knife as a Red Sox and chances are he'll come out that way too.

Overall, I can't say I'm too upset about it. I know they were dealing him to get younger and maybe even get another trade prospect down the line but there was something that the "fan" in me didn't care for. Of course the fan side of me usually doesn't win championships. Actually, I really never have anything to do with winning in any way at all, but I know that if I think the right things it usually helps. Right? Sure.

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BBG said...

I guess it's the same for most of the players who we fans like & consider part of our team, but know their time has come to leave because "it's a business" and the powers that be insist on new, young, healthy players...imagine that...