Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Damn you, Scarface

What's the deal with Drew Brees's scar? Was he in a duel with the 6 fingered man as a child and rather than kill him, the 6 fingered man left him with that scar? Did that 6 fingered man also kill his father so now Brees is on a football mission to be a huge douchebag and eventually seek revenge for the death of his father once he gets around to it? Nope. Turns out he just has a stupid birthmark on his face. The huge DB part is true though. That and The Patriots defense is lacking what you call, stoppage.

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BBG said...

I don't know...seems to me the Patriots were COMPLETELY off last night, both defense & offense. What's up with all the dropped passes? Incomplete passes? They looked like amateurs. And the Saints looked like the pros...on to next week. No lookin' back; that's for Billy B & and his band of fools to pick apart. Maybe we could get Charlie Weiss back....just a thought.