Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bay Says Nay

Jobs I would do for a 4 year $60 Million deal:
  • Official mayonnaise tester - Duties include testing every single jar of mayonnaise as it comes off the production line.
  • Hugh Grant movie watcher - That's right. I'll watch, and give thorough reports on every Hugh Grant movie ever made. At least until I slit my throat with a broken DVD.
  • Sewage inspector - Make sure all the sewage has its full amount of whatever it is that makes sewage.
Jobs Jason Bay won't do for a 4 year $60 Million deal:
  • Play baseball for the Boston Red Sox.
Is it more complicated than that? Sure. If someone was going to give me 5 yr/$70M for suffering through Hugh Grant flicks I'm sure I'd take it. But I'd also take 10 yr/$57.30 if I had to continuously watch Back to the Future to find all the historical inaccuracies. There are 17. I already checked.

What's my point? Why does there always have to be a point? My point is I like Back to the Future and chances are Jason Bay won't be back next year. That's my point.

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BBG said...

It's always better in the other guys yard, I guess...esp when he offers more $$...