Saturday, November 14, 2009

You slug, I slug, Bay slugs

Jay Bay just does it fo' real, and he does it well enough to win an award for his slugging. Bay took home his first ever Silver Slugger this weekend. Other things we can only assume Jason Bay owns that are made of silver:
  • Pancakes - Right, because he's Canadian... and the maple syrup. Silver dollar pancakes. I just hope it's not silver dollars that are like those damn Canadian coins that vending machines won't take because no one likes those.
  • Jebidiah Springfield's silver tongue - Obscure Simpsons reference? Enjoy it if you can.
  • A Silver Delorean - A Delorean he no doubt had converted into a time machine.
This is what the baseball season is like in November people. Movie and cartoon references. My apologies. Let's just hope Theo is planning on having Thanksgiving at the Lackey, Holliday and Halladay residences this year.

1 comment:

BBG said...

Oh, great! Now JBay will up the ante! Come back Jason. Atleast I'll still be able to say the name "Jason" if you return...