Monday, November 16, 2009

The morning after

I did not stay up to watch the 4th and 2 disaster last night. What I've learned from the Red Sox is that you go to sleep early, and stupidly assume things will go well why you get a blissful night of slumber. And while this strategy is exhilarating as hell when a seemingly inevitable loss transforms into a glorious win by morning, it is all the more devastating to hear that a sure-fire win fizzled into an embarrassing loss. Its the equivalent of being a kid on Christmas Eve only to find out the next morning that Rudolph played a horrible game of revenge against the other reindeer and poisoned their reindeer food and Santa couldn't deliver any presents. Ok, thats awful, it wasn't that bad (even though it would make for a hilarious sequel to the Rudolph movie). But its still a bad sports Monday. Well, on the bright side, we're another day closer to Fort Myers.

1 comment:

Jon said...

Well played Bizzaro Bill Belichick. Not only are you a horribly lame alliteration, but let that hillbilly Manning steal another one. If it wasn't for you meddling kids and your lousy dog I would have got away with it too!!