Monday, November 2, 2009

Tim McCarver sinks to a new low

First on the list of FU's this morning is Joe Giradi and his supposed "managing" of the game last night. Apparently Joe thinks managing means "boring the f*ck out of everyone watching" because his constant walking out to the mound to talk about pitch selection and to make sure CC doesn't need another burger made a great game feel like a tweezing of one's most privatest hairs.

Then the McCarver sh*t show. It was around the 5th or 6th inning when about 10 times during one at bat that McCarver repeatedly said "Jorge Posada is like Tom Brady." Fuck you, Tim. That's right, I wrote the swear out because * and # don't really show the proper level of disdain I have against you. First off, don't compare a Patriots player to a Yankee. It's wrong in so many ways. Then to keep saying it over and over, as if everyone watching wasn't already trying to Google your home address and getting the flaming bags of poop ready, is just pure stupidity. Is it really any wonder that there are multiple sites dedicated to how much this man sucks.

Game 5 tonight. At least hit A-rod again.

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BBG said...

He is such a miserable f**king turd!