Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 10 Sox Moments of 2009: Number 9 - A Very Brady Shortstop

That my friends is A Very Brady Shortstop... with Heidi in the middle instead of Alice because lately with all this post season BS we've totally ignored all that is Heidi. Mmmm, Heidi. Anyways, this year the Sox had 6 different guys at short; Lugo, Green, Lowrie, Gilly V, Chris Woodward and A-gon. Then I threw in Edgar and O-Cab because they are probably of most recent memory to everyone. Why is this a top moment you ask? Well, it's really not but with all the talk of needing a big bat and resigning Bay or grabbing Holliday this off-season, the whole rotating door at SS kind of gets lost in the mix until the season starts and everyone starts baggin' on Nick Green or Jed Lowrie for not being All-Star material.

My apologies for putting Chris Woodward next to Heidi. That is most likely the closest he will ever get to Ms. Watney. I heard she likes to be called "Ms. Watney".

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