Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are you almost ready for some boring World Series action?!?!?

Well, if you're not, you better get ready. The Phils finished off the supposedly invincible Dodgers last night and are waiting for the Yanks/Angels winner to step forward so then they can begin what will surely be a boring ass World Series. Yes the chance of Pedro possibly throwing against NY again is worth watching a few pitches of, but this is an oft-injured, 5 year older Pedro who has been reduced to the back of the rotation and from the looks of it Don Zimmer is nowhere to be found on the Yankee bench so the whole blood bath thing is thrown out the window.

If you're the Dodgers, you have to be kicking yourself over the Manny contract right now. He has a $20mil PLAYER option next year which means he can go back to the DR or Miami or where ever he spends his off-season, relax, shoot up a few female hormones and then just silly-ly stroll back into LA next year and put Torre one step closer to a heart attack while collecting a pretty sweet check.

I'm definitely not going to rally the LAA troops (they have a Monkey for that who is much more capable than I) but Lackey needs to step up and see if the Angels can't pull some '04 magic out of their Monkey asses and at least send this thing back to NY to see if A-rod and Co. can flop in front of the home town crowd.

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Bosox Bikini Girl said...

Amen! Would LOVE to see that flop in NYC...