Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 10 Sox Moments of 2009: Number 8 - Daniel Bard likes PBR

And by PBR we mean "PapelBon Replacement". Facts are facts and sleeping mistresses tied up under your bed are just that, sleeping mistresses tied up under your bed, and Bard is most likely going to replace Papelbon as this teams closer at some point. The great Jonny Pap already has a track record of running his mouth saying how much he thinks he's worth and how he can't wait to test the free agent waters and while there is no doubt he's done one hell of a job here, the signs are pointing in the the direction of letting him go. The shoulder problems, his walk rate is rising, his pending lawsuit against all those drunk Irish guys who he said "stole his jig(dance)", all matters to take into consideration. Maybe he gets one more year here, maybe he's packaged up and shipped out of Boston (slight pun intended) for a left handed bat or maybe him and Bard split the duties while arguing over who can grow the weaker facial hair. Unless traded Bard will be the closer of the future until the same thing happens with him in 4 years.


Educated Steve said...

Red x

Jon said...

Son of a.

BBG said...

It's almost time for Pap to go. It gets to this point where a player is not happy because he thinks he's worth more, and then he starts doing less & spitting venom more. As much as I really like Pap, he needs to shut up & do his job...Definitely agree about the balls & walks. He's not the jig man of fore.