Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That sick feeling

Maybe it's some strange obsession with wanting to inflict pain upon myself, but I'm watching the Yankees/Twins game and I'm not sure which event just made me sicker; The top notch announcing team of Caray, Sager and Darling gently massaging A-rods nut sack and proclaiming that "The streak is over" when he hit an RBI single OR Kate Hudson jumping up and down in glee because her cheating boy-toy finally got that RBI. Closely behind is Matsui roping one to center off the ghost of Fransico Lirano. I am literally trembling at the thought of who TBS could possibly be saving to announce the Sox/Halo's series.

Well hold the phone, if this here is correct, we could be in for a treat of D.O. doing the Sox games. Of course Buck Martinez as a counterpart isn't exactly a treat, but the D.O. thing seems to good to be true. I haven't paid much attention to any announcements on who is doing what, but this could be a nice little surprise.

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BBG said...

Love D.O. Would love it more if Eck were with him. See only glimpses of Eck sitting next to Wells during the game breaks....WELLS!! Puhleeeeeze...