Saturday, October 10, 2009

Panic Button Pushed

I know all about 2004. I know nothing is over til it's over but it sure as hell doesn't make the downswing any easier. I like that today is an off day because 1 run over the last 18 innings means the boys need some refreshing. They're probably home by now with their respective wives/hired escorts/Jessica Biel clones and relaxing this morning just trying to get their bearings back. Me, I'm taking the baseball day off. No sports radio, no ESPN, no NESN. (I'll just google Heidi Watney if I miss NESN.) I suggest we all do the same. Definitely on the Googling front. During the games the Sox need our concentrated efforts to root them on, but they also need to know we are all properly relaxing and taking time away from the game so we, the fans, can be refreshed for tomorrows plain up stupid 12:07 start time. Selig rant... rising... must... hold... off. Damn you Bud!!!

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