Friday, October 9, 2009

Eff you Rally Monkey

Someone get on making this shirt!!! It will revolutionize the T-shirt business in Boston and come in quite handy for Sunday and Monday. Once that stupid little guy starts bouncing around bad things are bound to happen and me no likie.

While watching last nights game, I came up with some positives and negatives.
+ D.O. announcing was pretty sweet.
- Obviously the Sox lost.
- Orsillo didn't sign the "Watney" clause that makes it possible to have Heidi on the sidelines instead of that Gap model they found in the studio.
+ Lackey isn't scheduled to pitch again til game 5.

Now, we move on. Tonight there is an evil, evil man by the name of Joshua Patrick Beckett waiting to seek revenge on last years 9+ ERA post season performance and right the wrongs of last night. Jinxes be damned, tonight Beckett tears some hearts out Indiana Jones style and gets the Sox right back in this thing just in time for Boston. Only another 15 hours til the game starts. Friggin west coast.


BBG said...

Josh the Menace is going to eat those Halos for a late supper, and pick his teeth with them later for a midnight snack.....just 13 hours, 22 minutes until feeding time!

BBG said...

Okay, so I was wrong. But it was a good game up until the 7th! But what's up with our offense?? Do we suck or is it the great opposing pitching?? Someone needs to tell the Red Sox they have to hit the ball in order to score runs. And why don't we see any posts? Did the rally monkey get to you? Next 3 games are ours...