Friday, October 16, 2009

Just lose

It seems like it's been forever since baseball has mattered. This morning, it's f*cking snowing out. What the hell happened? I can guarantee, if the Sox were in the playoffs still I'd be thinking about golfing this weekend but instead I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's mid October and there's god damn snow falling from the sky. However, I've heard a rumor that they are still playing the ALCS, NLCS and most likely the world series to boot, regardless of Boston participation. I have one request out of all this. Please, someone make the Yankees lose. In my thirst for anything baseball I've been forced to read blogs and listen to the radio and everyone keeps bringing up this Teixiera jerk and how it was a turning point for the Yanks and the downfall of the Sox. I wish him the worst. Over the years I've had my beef with nearly every Yankee for one reason or another, but this guy is starting to take the spot light away from A-rod, which is a tough thing to do. Both of them were supposedly "so close" to signing with the Sox and the Yankees somehow stole them both away and now this mega-Yankee team is what we have to put up with come October. It's starting to make me sick. For the sake of baseball and to keep the earth spinning, someone just beat the Yankees. I'll even take the boring-ass Phils to repeat and have to listen to that crap for another 5 months rather than seeing A-rod and Tex spooning with the trophy between them while Jeets is running around spraying his cologne on everyone. So, for my birthday (which may or may not be in July) all I really want is for the Yankees to not win the world series this year. Simple request from a simple man.

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BBG said...

Here, here...I will give up all my birthday & Christmas gifts if someone, anyone makes the Yankees lose.