Monday, October 19, 2009

In these lonely days I turn my eyes to you.

That's right, to you Patriots. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a fair weather banwagon Patriots fan. Even when there's snow on the ground my mind is on baseball. However on the occasional Sunday afternoon it's nice to get into the spirit of football by eating and drinking enough to make you explode. The home team winning 59-0 also helps the cause.

I don't necessarily follow the Patriots closely, but my fantasy sports addiction (and slight gambling "issue") requires me to have an invested interest in anything and everything having to do with points, spreads and individual player performances and sometimes while the ticker is going by at the bottom of the screen I catch some actual football being played. So what's the deal with all the throwback crap lately? The Titans are the Oilers this week, last week the Broncos wore some sh*t that looked like an effed up candy cane and it seems like the Pats have been rocking the old log (see above) for a few games in a row now? Sadly, it all looks better than the Sox and their stupid ass hanging Sox logo for those special Friday night games. This is what I've been reduced to without baseball. Uniforms. Christ.

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