Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Cheese's top 10 Sox moments of 2009: Number 10

We'll go one by one. Maybe one a day, maybe 2, really depends on how much time we have to kill in a single day. I'll start off the list.

My number 10 moment from this last year is more of a span than a moment and that span is old man Wakefield going 10-3 between the start of the season and mid June. You never know what to expect from Wake but getting 10 wins out of 15 starts (two NDs) is one hell of a start to the season for a guy that has been pitching for 72 years in the MLB and has never thrown a pitch faster that his age. To top it off, Timmy then goes and gets selected for his first All-Star game ever in his 87 year career but Joe "Big Glasses" Maddon chooses to leave Wake on the bench the whole game while plenty of Sox fans argued there were many a times he could have plugged him in. The rest of the year for Wake kind of read like an old civil war diary; injuries, battles lost, never really making it back to full strength.

With Wake's open contract the way it is, there's a good chance we'll get to see the knuckler float around Fenway for another year. The bigger question is going to be more of who is going to catch him. Paging Pasta Pants Mirrabelli?!?!

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