Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bombs away

Two nights ago Prince hit a walk off HR in extras. The Brewers celebrated. See photo. When Princey got to home plate and jumped on it, all his teammates fell down like a bomb went off. Ignoring the disrespect factor that a lot of old farts are trying to bring up surrounding Da Bomb (patent pending), I thought it was frigging awesome. Baseball is the game of old rules and even older traditions that hasn't seen anything new for years (excuse me instant replay) and this was kind of cool. Do I want to see this every time someone hits a walk off? Hell no. Is it cool to see once by a 300 lb guy that wears what has to be a custom Brewers sheet mended into a shirt? Hell yes. Since most MLB players are probably reading this right now, here are some other ideas for some walk off hi jinx. Use at your own discretion though gentlemen as we walk a very thin line with Dictator Selig and the anti-fun brigade.

The Slalom: Line up a dozen or so guys behind the plate and once the guy who hit the jack gets there, he can rip through those guys like Bode Miller. Then get drunk, just like Bode Miller.

Leapfrog: Maybe 5 or 6 at the most, we don't want to anger anyone.

Any more ideas? Leave em in the comments.

Also, the duplicity of the title comes to life because the Sox were hitting bombs like it was Yankee Stadium last night. A total beat down of the O's in a game where Ortiz AND Drew go bridge in the same game. Wow. At this point I expect A-Gon to go yard (which he did) more than Ortiz. That's right David, that right there is motivation. Prove me wrong, Papi.

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BBG said...

along the same idea of your Slalom, I think it would be a gas if after the batter (Victah)goes bridge, to see all his posse run out onto the field and line up along the 3rd base/home plate line. Just about 3 gatorade bottles apart. Then when Victah rounds third, he whacks into the first guy (Youk) who falls on the second guy (Drew) who bumps into the next guy (Varitek?) etc, etc, sending them all down one after another - the Domino affect. But keeps the shorter guys at the end (PD & Elsbury) because they might not have the height to even reach the next guy in line...