Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3-13 is a lot better than 2-14

The Sox getting beat down at the Trop is a common occurrence over the last 2 years. That 2-13 record down there in the regular season straight up sucks. Luckily, last night most of the Sox (cough, oki, cough) were playing like this was the post season and those regular season numbers don't mean sh*t. JD Drew continued to tear it up and I swear to God I thought I saw a smile on his face in the dug out after that home run. Turns out he just had some sun flower seeds caught in his teeth and he was having Alex Gonzalez trying to pick them out, but the fact that he's comfortable with A-gon and a tooth pick up near his chompers, I think that means JD is coming around folks. Teeth are very important.

The big thing for tonight's game, well besides the 500 times Garza is going to make the mound his own personal spittoon, is that Paps got 6 outs last night, sooooooo he's probably unavailable tonight. If the Sox are up, do they go Wags or Bard or Saito? Nick Green? Where's the D-bag Dane Cook telling me there's only one September? Sidenote to TBS, please never let him on TV again. Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, that little kid in center made some pretty sweet grabs last night too.

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BBG said...

Thought I saw JD smile the other night, too, but then I realized it was a grimace as he ran into the wall or something....don't long as he's hittin'.

We won't see Waggie as a closer. He's not ready for that, and Pap would probably cry...

Good game except for cough ** okie **