Friday, August 21, 2009

JD Drewsless no more.

Yesterday Steve and I were typing on the keyboard into our respective computers and relaying the messages back and forth to eachother via the world wide web. Some people call this emailing. We call it killin' time before a game. The subject of our time wasting maneuver? JD Drew and how soon the luster of that '07 ALCS Grand Slam should wear off and his need to do something worth $14 mil a year, or hell even something worth watching. Helping finish a sweep with a 2 HR performance is a start, but I'm saying this guy has to go on a major tear well into September to make up for the constant days off and general lack of what my 5th grade gym teacher would call "hustle and bustle." We even got so into discussing the Drewster yesterday that we looked into his contract and saw he has a few injury clauses and we* were wondering how one goes about hiring someone to, ahem, loosen up someone's shoulder.

Of course Drew didn't NEED to be "all that" last night because Jon Lester was "all that" and a little bit more, but it's definitely a nice pick me up before the flying circus comes to town. 6.5 games coming in and I'm not going to lie about being scared regarding Friday and Saturdays pitching "duels". Brad Penny will need to summon the souls of the hottest girls he's ever pegged to get the juices flowing and start things off on the right foot tonight. For me it all hinges on tonight. If they rip Pettit up early I think they can keep things going all weekend, which of course ends with a game that I'm going to give the Cheese Guarantee of going over 4.5 hours Sunday night on ESPN with Becks vs Chilli Cheeseburger Sabathia. It's a big weekend coming and I'm sure we'll have some more preview action later on today.

*I mean "we" in the Steve sense. As in he's the guy you're looking for officer. Sick sonuvabitch, I know.

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Bosox Bikini Girl said...

Hmmm, I think Drew gives us morsels to appease us, 2 HR performance being case in point. Now he'll complain about something, and we won't see him for a few games...then he'll come back & hit a few more balls, and everyone will forget about the days off again...Drew, did you know you've been one of the big topics of conversation on ole EEI for the better part of 2 weeks?? That's right...didn't think you'd care...