Thursday, August 20, 2009

Accidents happen

So, no Cheese yesterday. I'm sure you noticed. Well, long story short, Garvey had to get his spleen, appendix and one of his kidney's removed so he could successfully drop weight and make the weight class he wanted to so he can fight in "UFC 102: Punchy, kicky, bitey". I on the other hand was in a rather embarrassing unicycle accident that I would just rather leave at that, an accident that no one knows anything about.

What did we miss? Sox win 2 in a row? Offensive production? Beckett gives up more runs in one inning than he has in the last 2 months? Apparently our surgeries and uncoordinated unicycling has thrown a charge into the boys and they've gone hog wild up in Toronto. Kind of a nice time to put together some momentum with the Spanks invading Boston this weekend. That kid everyone loves to love, Jon Lester, takes the ball tonight and you'd have to think with Beckett not having his best night Monday, Lester is primed to do some serious taint-handing to the canucks and advance the Sox further into the WC lead and maybe shave some games off the Yanks, whom I must say are still playing "out of their gourds" since the AS break.


BBG said...

Fool, you should have been laying face down!!

Maybe if the cheese takes a break for a couple weeks, Red Sox will takeover 1st place again!! Just a thought.

...can't wait to see Steve's first fight...will ESPN cover it?

Jon said...

It will be on ESPN 8, The Ocho.