Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Water logged?

Why are you 4 so happy? Didn't you see the game? No? You were too busy riding down your fancy pants flume to see the Sox melt into something resembling a Washington Nationals bullpen with Masterson, Oki and Saito getting their taints handed to them. Yes it sucks to see a starter lit up. It sucks to see Dice K walk a thousand guys and give up 17 singles in 3 innings (mainly because you're bored out of your mind). And yes it sucks to see Smoltz come back from almost a year off and get lit up the first inning of his first start. BUT, it just plain out hurts to see the bullpen that we've all put so much faith and bragability in to forget how to throw and then splash around in Camden while the helpless O's waterboard them for 2 hours.

To help ease the pain, please watch the Out Cold King of the Mountain scene multiple times until you feel like you are able to function for the day.

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