Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's all about how you finish

How fitting that NESN aired the Mothers Day Miracle from '07 after the come from behind win against the O's today. This afternoon Beckett was less than dominate and if last night had most of Red Sox Nation on suicide watch, then the first 8 innings today didn't exactly have anyone backing off the edge of the Tobin. As a collective breath was held (and as companies around Boston lost millions due to the 1:35 start time) the hero of all heroes Julio "I'm a hero" Lugo came through in the 11th. Another 2 out of 3 on the road and now it's back home for a few before half the fellas head down to The Loop (that's St Louis, right) for the 'I hope it doesn't end in a tie' game.

Also, some big news for the Cheese as today was purchased for us by a friend so now you can forget about that typing that whole "blogspot" thing at the end of the address. Or you can still get here the same way you have been, but I imagine it will be much easier to tell your friends the new address. Thanks to Tony for setting that up for us as our internet resources are more or less tapped out logging in to email. Stay tuned for bigger and better things.

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