Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When the Sox lose 4 in a row heading into late July, give up first place to the Yankees, and seem to be all but hopeless at the plate, Boston goes into a state of panic like clockwork. You need look no further than 850 on your AM dial. I swear I heard a caller propose a Daisuke for Jesus Christ trade yesterday.
However, admist this baseball sh*t parade, the highlight for me last night was Josh Beckett putting his best swearing hat on at the end of the night. You did not need the Seinfeld lip reader to know that Josh recited every obscenity known to man on his way back to the dugout. At one point, gum (or something resembling gum) flew out of his mouth... likely because it couldn't stand being in Josh's mouth with the curse words flying out at record pace. Sometimes you just need to let out a big "*&!$&#*^!*&*$%#$%#...f*ck!!!"

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